Dinner Menu


Buffalo Tenders – Our hand breaded classics tossed in wing sauce, served with blue cheese dressing & celery. 12.95

Fried Ribs – Jefe says “OH MY! You’ve got to try these. Anything fried is good.” 13.95

Sassafras Wings – Slow roasted smoky yet served crispy buffalo or BBQ style 12.95

Almost Boneless – Little bites o’ sweet rib candy served with Carolina mustard BBQ and vinegar mop 11.95

Viva Chorizo – Sweet bell peppers, onion, garlic & chorizo sautéed together, served with flour tortilla 11.95

Holy Guacamole – Creamy Haas avocados are blended with tomato, onion, jalapenos and lime juice 13.95

Stacked Quesadilla – Wheat tortillas with cheese, grilled veggies & guac topped w/Chipotle cream & pico. 9.95

Rib Sampler – A trio of our famous rib doused in mop with a side of Carolina mustard BBQ & spicy salsa de arbol 19.95

Dolly’s Empanadas – Handmade corn tortillas with refried black beans, topped with corn relish & Chipotle cream. 9.95 


Caesar Salad – FYI The first Caesar salad was made in Tijuana, Mexico. Ours with Cotija Cheese and Tostaditas 7.95
With Chicken, Pulled Pork or Brisket 15.95 Steak 17.95 Shrimp 17.95

House Salad – Mix of Baby Greens & Leaf lettuce, with grape tomatoes, cucumber, sweet bell pepper and red onion 7.50
With Chicken, Pulled Pork or Brisket 15.95 Steak 17.95 Shrimp 17.95

Side Salad – A smaller version of our House salad 5.95 | Side Caesar – A smaller version of our Caesar salad 5.95

Dressings: Scallion Lime, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette, Oil & Vinegar 

Soups – “Kettle Made”

Chicken Tortilla – Simmered in fire roasted tomato broth – Small: 4.99, Medium: 5.99,  Large: 6.99

Black Bean – Smooth, rich and topped with Chipotle cream, Cotija Cheese and diced Red Onion – Small: 3.99, Medium: 4.99, Large: 5.99

Jefe’s Chili – Life is harsh, your chili shouldn’t be. Spice it up the way you like it – Small: 5.99, Medium: 7.99, Large: 8.99 

Pub Grub

All Meals served with Choice of Two Sides unless otherwise stated (Loco Fries add $1)

Mel’s Baby Backs – Slow roasted flamed and glazed, lean and succulent ½ Rack: 18.95, Full Rack: 26.95

Sage’s Chicken Tender Meal – 5 Hand breaded all white meat tenders served with Hut made honey mustard: 15.95

Maple Chicken Sand – Crisp chicken w/chipotle maple drizzle, candied pork belly, Asadero, Lettuce, Tomato & pickle 16.95

Mike’s Famous Cheese Steak – Award winning! Shredded Rib-eye topped with peppers, onion & cheese: 13.95

Grub Burger – A half pound classic made with ground chuck topped with lettuce, tomato & red onion 13.95

Carolina Burger – Half pounder topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, American cheese and pickle chips 14.95

Jefe’s GCCB – Half pounder with Asadero cheese, green chili relish, pickled red onions and avocado mash 14.95

Buffalo Burger – Leaner meaner with ½ the fat and calories of Beef 15.95

Toppings: Bacon 1.95, mushrooms .75, Cheese .90 – Swiss, Jack & Cheddar, American, Asadero or Chihuahua 

Slow Smoked BBQ

All Meals served with Choice of Two Sides unless otherwise stated (Loco Fries, add $1)

FLAMED – Straight from the PIT and grilled | WET – Dressed in our best sauce | GLAZED – Grilled and dressed in our sauce

Spare Ribs – Meaty, juicy with a mild smoke flavor, a rib connoisseur’s delight ½ Rack 18.95 Full Rack 26.95

Double Down – The best of both worlds! A ½ rack of spare ribs and a ½ rack of baby back ribs 26.95

Chicken & Rib Combo – Sassafras Chicken & Spare Ribs – a truly unique taste combo when done our way 22.95

Hog Heaven –A generous sampling of our signature Hot Link, Pulled Pork & ½ rack Spare Ribs 24.95

Pit Master’s Platter – Two award winners on one plate beef brisket and sassafras chicken parts 19.95

BBQ Platter – Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Sliced Turkey, Hot Link
Choose any 2 meats for 16.95 | choose any 3 meats for 18.95 | choose any 4 meats for 22.95

Sassafras Chicken Dinner – Savory yet mild smoke flavor, the finest chicken around, now who’s hungry? 16.95

BBQ Sandwich – Choose Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken or Sliced Turkey piled on a round roll with pickle chips 14.95

Add a side of BBQ meat for $6 : brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, sliced turkey

O.M.G BURRITO– The mother of all burritos!! A three-pounder loaded with rice, pinto beans, shredded lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Mexican crema and sassafras chicken topped with our x-mas sauce. 34.95

BEEF RIBS – Everything is BIGGER in Texas!! A three pound full rack of Texas style beef ribs are slow cooked with 

apple wood then glazed in our house BBQ sauce. 36.95

PIT HEAD – For the BBQ Geek who loves it all – Brisket, Chicken, Ribs and Pork in large quantities. 

If you finish this you’ll be in our Hall of Fame! 42.95

BIG TIME – Love BBQ? Love Mexican? You’re crazy like us – 4 Ribs, Brisket & 2 Pcs of Chicken 2 Burritos, 2 Tacos and a Quesadilla – bring your appetite!

For 2 48.95 Add a body 24.95


Fillings – Steak, Chorizo, Ground Beef, Veggies, Chicken, Brisket, Pulled Pork or Carnitas Shrimp for a $1.50 more per item Sauces are Rojo, Verde, X-Mas (1/2 red ½ green), Black Bean, Salsa de Arbol or BBQ

Enchiladas – Corn tortilla with cheese, onion, cilantro, choice of filling & sauce Two: 14.95, Three: 16.95

Burritos – A Flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, choice of filling and sauce Two: 14.95 Three: 16.95

Tacos – Mexican – Jefe’s Way California Style- Hard or Soft Two: 14.95 Three: 16.95

Chimis – Burrito Fritas – crunchy outside, flavorful inside – hey, anything Fried is GOOD! Two: 14.95 Three: 16.95

Make your own Combo –
Any 2 above items – 15.95, any 3 above items – 17.95

Grande Quesadilla – Dinner sized with your favorite filling and grilled crunchy and gooey! 16.95

Fajitas – Sautéed bell peppers & onion, lavished with rojo sauce Chicken 16.95, Steak 18.95, Shrimp 17.95

Jumbo Burrito – A whole meal rolled into a jumbo tortilla – everything but the kitchen sink. 17.95

Mexican platters are served with Pico de Gallo, Mexican crema and Guacamole.
First basket of chips and salsa are complimentary any others will be 2.99.
The Hut reserves the right to apply an 18% gratuity to parties of 8 or more.


Mel’s Creamy Cole Slaw – 2.99
Sweet Potato Salad – 2.99
Corn Bread – 2.99
Creamed Spinach – 2.99
Southwest Potato Salad – 2.99
Grilled Veggies – 2.99
Fried Sweet Plantains – 2.99
French Fries – 2.99
Linda’s Beans – 2.99
Rice & Beans – 2.99
Loco Fries – 3.99
Sweet potato fries with jalapeno & onions  –  as a side for any platter or entree:  Add $1 

Lil’ Buckaroo Combos

Kids need “Grub” too – 7.99 with Fountain Drink and Fries

 – Jr. BBQ Sandwich 
 – Jr. Rib 
 – Jr. Chicken Tenders
 – Jr. Grub Burger 
 – Jr. Taco 
 – Jr. Quesadilla 


Careful to leave room for these – you may have to un-notch the belt – and they are worth it!

Sapodilla Sundaes: 6.45
Chocolate Chimi: 6.95
Ice Cream: 4.95
Apple Empanada: 6.95
Award Winning Flan: 7.95
Tres Leches Cake: 7.95 


Coffee: 1.95
Root Beer Float: 6.49
HUT Tea: 2.79
Bottomless Fountain Soda*: 2.79
Bottle Water/Soda 1.99

*Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Fanta Orange & Ginger ale
**Bottled Soda — Coke Zero, Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Birch Beer, Grape, Cream and Black Cherry 

“We hope you enjoyed your meal as much as we loved preparing it for you!”

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an award winning KCBS Competition BBQ Team

Thank you – See you again! 

Ask for our Take-Out Menu. Call ahead for Pick-up. Catering for all occasions – Large or Small.