About Us



 With over 25 years of culinary experience, Mike and Melanie Johnston have just about done it all. A beach club and night club on the Jersey shore, a boardwalk concession and even a pizzeria are a few of the couple’s accomplishments before their meeting at Kiki Rios South West Taqueria in the mid 1990’s. Here is where their creative chemistry earned numerous FOUR STAR reviews and local recognition. Together they developed and implemented an innovative menu for JJ Bitting’s Brew Pub. They then opened Mike’s Giant Subs in Hillsborough, and turned it into a gastronomical experience, winning Best Cheesesteak in NJ !! Now they are happy to bring to you the GRUB HUT – Unique BBQ and Mexican Grill, a combination of their two favorite foods. We offer real low-and-slow BBQ and authentic Taqueria style, fresh Mexican food. If you, like us, can’t drive by a BBQ or Mexican eatery without stopping, and haven’t found any that you can sink your teeth into, then the GRUB HUT is the place for you!!!! GRUB HUT is a proud sponsor of the RIBS WITHIN BBQ Team. For information about RIBS WITHIN please visit www.ribswithin.com.