Lunch Menu

Kettle Made Soups and Chili

Chicken Tortilla – Simmered in fire roasted tomato broth:
Small: 4.99, Medium: 5.99,  Large: 6.99

Black Bean
Small: 3.99, Medium: 4.99,  Large: 5.99

Jefe’s Chili – Life is harsh, your chili shouldn’t be. Spice it up the way you like it:
Small: 5.99, Medium: 7.99, Large: 9.99

Hut Salads

House Salad – a selection of fresh garden vegetables and baby greens
Side $5.95, Dinner $7.95, Grilled chicken/BBQ Meats $15.95,  Steak $17.95, Shrimp $17.95

Caesar Salad – the first Caesar salad was first made in Mexico
Side $5.95, Dinner $7.95, Grilled chicken/BBQ Meats $15.95,  Steak $17.95, Shrimp $17.95

Dressings: Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette, scallion lime, blue cheese, ranch or oil & vinegar

Hut Lunch Combos

Can’t decide?  We think it’s o.k. to have both!

Soup & Side Salad: $9.95

Quesadilla with soup or salad: $13.95

BBQ sandwich with soup or salad: $14.95

Substitute Chili for soup add $1.75 

BBQ – served with one Hut Made side

BBQ Sandwich: Choose one slow cooked meat piled on a toasted round roll with House BBQ sauce & pickle chips. $10.95

Black & Tan: Classic! Pulled pork & brisket on a toasted round roll with pickle, onion frisse & BBQ sauce. $10.95

Sloppy Joe: Choice of pulled BBQ meat topped with zesty salsa de arbol & Mel’s slaw on a round roll. $10.95

Almost Boneless: Classic Hut! Apple wood smoked succulent rib “tips” served with S.C. BBQ sauce. $10.45

Spare Ribs: N.J.’s best ribs!! Meaty, juicy and apple wood smoked.
1/3 Rack $13.95 | ½ Rack $14.95

Baby Back Ribs: Hand rubbed; slow roasted, lean & succulent.
1/3 Rack $13.95 | ½ Rack $14.95

Fried Ribs: A Hut original! Oh my, anything fried has got to be good!!
1/3 Rack $13.95 | ½ Rack $14.95

BBQ Platter: Choice of pulled pork, brisket, pulled chicken, smoked turkey or hot link (add $1.00).
2 meats $10.95 | 3 meats $12.95 | 4 meats $14.95 

Mexican – served with rice & beans

Tacos: The original street food! Choice of 2 Mexican OR California Hard or Soft. $11.95

Enchiladas: White corn tortillas rolled with cheese, onion, cilantro & choice of filling topped with sauce. $11.95

Burritos: Flour tortillas rolled with filling & cheese then topped with sauce. $11.95

Chimis: Flour tortillas rolled with filling then fried golden and topped with sauce. $11.95

Quesadilla: Grilled tortillas with a blend of cheeses and filling topped with Pico de Gallo and Crema.$11.95

Baja Flat: Grilled tortillas layered with cheese, black bean puree, salsa rojo and choice of topping. $11.95

Fajita Wrap: Onions and bell peppers are sautéed with our special seasoning then rolled in a jumbo tortilla with Pico de Gallo, shredded lettuce, cheese, rice & Mexican crema. Chicken $12.95 Steak $15.95

Sauces: Rojo, Verde, X-Mas (1/2 red ½ green), Black Bean, Salsa de Arbol or BBQ
Fillings: ground beef, steak, pulled chicken, chorizo, pulled pork, brisket or grilled veggies.
Whole-wheat tortillas available. 

Pub Grub – served with one Hut Made side

Veggie Wrap: Grilled vegetables in a jumbo tortilla with baby greens, tomatoes, red onion and honey mustard. $10.95

Hut Chicken: Chicken breast grilled plump & juicy on a round roll with lettuce, tomato & red onion $11.95

Mike’s Cheese Steak: Award winning! Cooked with peppers, onions and cheese on a sub roll. $12.95

Grub Burger: ½ Pound burger grilled to perfection topped with lettuce, tomato & red onion on a round roll. $11.95

Buffalo Burger: This lean & mean ½ pound burger has half the calories, fat and cholesterol of grilled chicken. $12.95

GCCB: ½ Pound burger grilled topped with Asadero cheese, green chili relish, red onion and avocado mash. $12.95

Crispy Chicken Torta: Avocado mash, pickled veggies, arugula, chipotle mayo & refried black beans on a roll. $11.95

Chicken Tenders: Hand breaded chicken tenders are served golden with a side of Hut made honey mustard.
3 pcs. $10.95 5 pcs. $13.95 


Cheese $0.90 | Bacon $1.75 | Portabella $1.25 | Guacamole $6.99, Additional Side $2.99 | Side of BBQ Meat $6.00 

Hut Made Sides

Mel’s Cole Slaw
French Fries
Rice & Beans
Grilled Veggie
Southwest Potato Salad
Fried Sweet Plantains
Corn Bread
Sweet Potato Salad
Linda’s Baked Beans
Creamed Spinach
Loco Fries ($1 extra) (sweet potato fries with onion & jalapeno)


Coffee / Hot Tea: 1.95
Fountain Soda / HUT Tea: 2.79
Bottle Water/Soda 1.99

First basket of chips and salsa are complimentary any others will be $2.99.

The Hut reserves the right to apply an 18% gratuity to parties of 8 or more.

Catering available for all occasions.