“You Don’t Know Jersey” is a website that explores the best that New Jersey has to offer and brings it to their readers.

One of the things they are always on the lookout for is Great New Jersey Food!

During a recent trip to the TD Bank Ball Park in Bridgewater NJ, they discovered our Grub Hut Cart and enjoyed some of the great food we serve there.

Here’s some of what they had to say …

“The tacos from Grub Hut’s stand were really good!

They had lots of meat options and we asked for one of three different kinds and they were very gracious about allowing that order. 

We got pulled pork, pulled chicken and beef brisket. 

Each meat was tender and juicy. 

Honestly, you could pick any one of these meats and be thrilled with your tacos. ” 

Source:  You Don’t Know Jersey

Thanks guys!  We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

So the next time your at the ballpark enjoying a game, stop by The Grub Hut Cart and enjoy our real low-and-slow BBQ and authentic Taqueria style, fresh Mexican food.

Your gonna LOVE it!

Baja-B-Que is the brain-child of culinary masters Mike and Melanie Johnston of The Grub Hut in Manville.

Serving authentic and delicous BBQ and Mexican Grill in the Bridgewater Commons, Baja-B-Que is one of the “Best of the Newbies” in the newly refurbished Bridgewater Commons food court.

Stop by sometime.  You won’t regret it.


The Grub Hut - Baja-B-Que

The Grub Hut was featured on February 2nd, 2009 during a Good Day Cafe segment on Good Day New York.

Grub Hut owner Mike Johnston dazzled the hosts with his culinary skills, making them some delicous authentic BBQ live on the show.  The hosts proclaimed his food was delectable!


The Grub Hut on Good Day New York